Make AI characters come to life

For more than a decade, all our R&D has gone into KuteEngine™, our behavioral AI engine making truly immersive AI characters for games and the metaverse.

Bridge the uncanny valley with behavioral AI

We’re building a no-code platform to help developers of all sizes create immersive AI characters quickly and easily. From a 3D character model to a believably interactive AI character, you only need 3 steps.

  • Step 1

    Drop your character model
    into KuteEngine™

  • Step 2

    Define your AI character's
    personality, preferences
    and key activities

  • Step 3

    Decide how the AI character inhabits your virtual world

Four qualities of AI characters powered by KuteEngine™

  • Immersiveness

  • Intersubjectivity

  • Individuality

  • Interoperability

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KuteEngine™ makes magic happen


Behavior synthesis

Via behavior composition, behaviors that affect different or shared parts of an AI character’s body can freely be synthesized, chained, mixed, factored out into modules and later reused to quickly create activities that feel rich and surprising. At the same time, creators retain full artistic control over the resulting behavior stream. Characters can thus be fitted into both highly systemic experiences (with lots of potential for emergent fun) as well as more scripted, linear games or experiences.

Dynamic cognition

Fully dynamic navigation and pathfinding that’s more than 100x faster than Unity or Unreal Engine's Recast/Detour-based solution.

Procedural animation

All AI characters produced by us are brought to life through a combination of handcrafted and procedural animation. This approach combines the best of both worlds: handcrafted animations ensure that our characters look believable and express the artistic intent of their designers.

We’re also building a game and platform where players can play and own our AI pets and enjoy an immersive pet experience across platforms including mobile, AR and VR. Starting with cats.